The Reef Defender Plot was a substitute to Pirate Day in 2012. This plot introduced several new characters, such as Selich and Monty, and resulted in the opening of Sango Reef and the release of the Risylki pet.

"Think you can take me? Think you can take my boys? I'd like to see you try!" ~Monty


A mysterious figure approached King Blithe seeking his help. Sango Reef, a beautiful vacation spot, had been overrun by criminals that were driving out the citizens. Blithe summoned his fellow Misticans and helped them to create Scuba Sets to descend down to the reef and take on the criminal boss, Monty. After a long fight and a few dirty tricks, Misticans were able to drive Monty away from the reef and free the local citizens of his influence. Several shops began to reopen and the Risylki became available for creation shortly after.


Rewards were sent out based on pariticpation in the event. This included items turned in to Monty and hit points reduced in the final fight.

First Place

Second Place

Third Place