July cakeblueBlue Cake Slice The inside of this cake bears all of the colors of the French flag.Rarity: Retired
July cakewhiteWhite Cake SliceRosebud baked this cake in honor of Bastille Day, the French national holiday. Does it taste as good as it looks?Rarity: Retired
July cakeredRed Cake SliceThis tasty cake piece was sliced off of a much larger cake baked in honor of Bastille Day.Rarity: Retired
JulyblueicedcupcakeBlue Iced CupcakeYou and your pets are going to have blue lips after you finish eating a batch of these!Rarity: Retired
JulyredicecupcakeRed Iced CupcakeMmm... A freshly baked cupcake with nice red icing!Rarity: Retired
JulywhiteicedcupcakeWhite Iced CupcakeMmm... A delicious cupcake made for all of the July holidays. The icing tastes like vanilla!Rarity: Retired
CanadaFlagCanadian Flag"Drapeau du Canada" if you prefer!Rarity: Retired
FranceFlagFrench FlagThis was released in honor of France's Fête Nationale (National Celebration). Hang this banner proudly!Rarity: Retired
USAFlagUSA FlagThis banner of stars and stripes was one of the many flags available during the month of July.Rarity: Retired
BastilledaypinBastille Day PinIf you do not have the room to display a large flag, you can show your pride by wearing this Bastille Day pin on your clothing!Rarity: Retired
CanadaDayPinCanada Day PinA celebratory button for Canada Day that is quite fashionable!Rarity: Retired
4oj flagpinFourth of July PinWhat a nice little flag pin! These were available during the month of July to celebrate Independence Day!Rarity: Retired
4oj rwbtopfireworkBlue Stripe Top FireworkThis firework is quite fun! When it bursts, it appears as a large red ring of sparkles, containing a smaller white ring, containing a smaller blue ring. Perfect finale in the Battle Room!Weapon Attack: 3
Rarity: Retired
Bastille bwrstripefireworkBlue, White, and Red FireworkThis blue, white, and red firework (not to be confused with the Red, White, and Blue Firework) is the loudest of all the fireworks! Talk about ending the evening with a bang!Weapon Attack: 2
Rarity: Retired
RedandWhiteFireworkRed and White FireworkYou can use this firework to end a celebration or a battle with a bang! Either way, it is going to be a sight to see!Weapon Attack: 2
Rarity: Retired
Bastille bwrtopfireworkRed Stripe Top FireworkThis firework is quite volatile! Light it and end your battle with an array of white, blue, and red sparks.Weapon Attack: 3
Rarity: Retired
4oj rwbstripefireworkRed, White, and Blue FireworkThis is sure to put on a fine show when you use it in the battle room. Be sure to plug your ears - this one makes a loud "BOOM!"Weapon Attack: 4
Rarity: Retired
WhiteFireworkWhite FireworkIf fireworks were ice cream, this one would be cold.Weapon Attack: 2
Rarity: Retired
4oJ YellowFireworkYellow FireworkThis yellow firework will shower the sky with golden sparkles!Weapon Attack: 2
Rarity: Retired
4oJ YellowandRedFireworkYellow and Red FireworkLight this firework to witness an explosion of red and gold in the night sky!Weapon Attack: 2
Rarity: Retired
SparklerSparklersGive these to one of your pets and let them twirl it around the yard. This special sparkler won't allow you or your pet to be burned at all. Neat!Rarity: Retired