Bastille Day (Or "Fête Nationale") falls on the 14 of July. It is the national day of France, and commemorates the federation of France in 1790.

Items of 2008Edit

  • Blue cake slice
  • Red cake slice
  • White cake slice
  • Blue Iced Cupcake
  • Red Iced Cupcake
  • White Iced Cupcake
  • Canadian flag
  • French flag
  • USA flag
  • Bastille Day pin
  • Canaday Day pin
  • Fourth of July Pin
  • Blue Stripe Top Firework
  • Blue, White and Red Firework
  • Red and White Firework
  • Red Stripe Top Firework
  • Red, White, and Blue Firework
  • White Firework
  • Yellow and Red Firework

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