Banana Fruit TartBanana Fruit TartThere's nothing that's harder to deny than a yummy banana fruit tart. Rarity: Common
Blueberry BagelBlueberry BagelDried blueberries embedded in a well-toasted bagel! Food for the ages indeed! Rarity: Common
Blueberry Fruit TartBlueberry Fruit TartWelcome to every blueberry lover's paradise-in-a-tart! Rarity: Common
Breakfast OmletteBreakfast OmletteThis omlette may not look like the tidiest meal, but it's very tasty! Sink your teeth into this mix of vegetables and ham. Rarity: Rare
Buttered RollButtered RollBaked with love and buttered to perfection! Rarity: Common
Cheesy OmletteCheesy OmletteDoesn't this make your mouth water? This is the perfect dish for anyone who wishes to avoid the omlettes containing meat or, well, anyone who likes cheese! Rarity: Semi-Rare
Chocolate Sticky BunChocolate Sticky BunThe saccharine goodness delivered with a normal sticky bun is second only to this fantastic chocolate version. Rarity: Uncommon
Cinnamon Rasin BagelCinnamon Rasin BagelThe sweetness of the raisins is perfectly accented with cinnamon spice and bagel-y goodness! Rarity: Common
Cream Cheese BagelCream Cheese BagelWhat more can you ask for after a thoroughly cream-cheesed bagel? Rarity: Common
Hash BrownHash BrownMmm... This hash brown has been perfectly fried. The crust is nice and crunchy, but the potatoes inside are still tender. Rarity: Uncommon
Hot CocoaHot CocoaHot cocoa is a lovely treat on a cold day. I wonder if Keilly sells many of these in her desert cafe? Rarity: Common
Kiwi Fruit TartKiwi Fruit TartFor all of its yum power, this fruit tart isn't recommended for Nokwi. I wonder why? Rarity: Common
Low-Carb SandwichLow-Carb SandwichDelectably mouth-watering and as healthy as a bacon-layered sandwich can get! What more can the dieting pet ask for? Rarity: Uncommon
Plain BagelPlain BagelWhat a delicious, crunchy bagel! Every bite is an absolute pleasure. Rarity: Common
Plain RollPlain RollPerfect with breakfast, perfect for lunch time sandwiches, perfect as a side dish with dinner... This roll goes good with just about everything! Rarity: Common
Sesame Seed RollSesame Seed RollThis roll goes great with any meal from your afternoon tea to your elegant dinner. Rarity: Common
Sticky BunSticky BunThe delicious sugary stickiness of this bun is incredible! Rarity: Common
Strawberry Fruit TartStrawberry Fruit TartHas anyone noticed how the shape and structure of this strawberry-filled fruit tart looks somewhat like a Medieval castle? Rarity: Common
Whole Wheat RollWhole Wheat Rollhis roll is the perfect alternative for the health conscious Misticans. It contains one full serving of fiber. Rarity: Uncommon