Normal caribyss

Normal Caribyss



"And keep a hold on any tasty fish you do catch; you never know what else they could be used for…"

The Caribyss is a restricted pet, whose only means of creation is through a Tasty Fish.


Ancient superstition held that Caribyss were the spirits of deceased ancestors. Killing one was said to bring bad luck upon the family while paying tribute to it by offering it gifts of food was said to help ward off sickness and disease. Some people believed that the Caribyss could control the ocean tide or the weather and would pray to it for safe fishing trips.


Caribyss resemble sharks. Much of their anatomy is the same as most sharks, including their symmetrical body types, along with their two dorsal fins, pelvic fins, and caudal fins. Caribyss also have anglers attached at the base of their skulls, similar to that of an angler fish. Every Caribyss also has a number of circular, bioluminescent markings along each side (larger on top, smaller on the bottom) as well as stripes running along side their back as camouflage.


  • Caribyss were initally introduced through Monty, who was the the main antagonist of the Reef Plot in September 2013. Caribyss were released 13 days after the plot's conclusion.