Anemone is the owner of Kelpie Clothing in Sango Reef. In order to reach her store, a member must have a Scuba Set anywhere on their account.

Pirate Day 2015

The seasonal plot for Pirate Day in September of 2015 gave Anemone not only a new design, but a strong involvement in her first plot. A stranger had entered her shop shortly before closing, and upon her return we learn the stranger's name is Cordelia. The two quickly hit it off, but the events with Captain Jack Skillow and The Pit intervene. Once the Dragonfish is defeated, Anemone returns to her shop to finish a special project, and Cordelia prepares to leave for the year. They meet at The Pit one last time, and Anemone gifts Cordelia with the blue scarf she had been working on. Cordelia promises to visit her every year, then departs with her ship and crew.

Pirate Day 2016

Anemone is ecstatic to see Cordelia's ship returning on the horizon and quickly makes her way down to the beach. Their time together is once again interrupted by Captain Jack Skillow as he boasts about finding a message in a bottle that would lead to "your heart's desire." The group then adventures to find this hidden plunder, all the while Anemone noticeably takes Cordelia's side more often in arguments between the pirates. At the conclusion of their adventure, Cordelia must once again depart for the open seas. Anemone is conflicted and doesn't want her to go, and is tempted to go with her if not for her shops. It's obvious that the two women share more than a friendship.

However, Captain Jack Skillow once again intervenes, but before the argument between him and Cordelia can escalate, Anemone leans in and plants a kiss on her now girlfriend's cheek and whispers into her ear. Cordelia drops the argument with Skillow and returns her girlfriend's affections.

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